November 17, 2019

Heshvan 19, 5780


Daniel M. Woskoff


Tishri 20, 5739

May 22, 1925 to October 21, 1978

Daniel Murray Woskoff (1925-1978) Son of Bluma and Harry Woskoff. Won the Prestigious John Wanamaker Award (1939), while taking Art Lessons at Pratt Institute. He excelled in Art at James Madison High School(Brooklyn)and was elected Student Government President. Drafted into the Army after graduation;selected for ASTP(Army Specialized Training Program);served as cadre to a Niagara University ROTC unit;completed Infantry Basic Training at Fort Benning Georgia; and served in France and Germany until WWII ended. Attended Arts Student League; graduated from Cooper Union(1953); was Art Editor of Systems magazine; ran an advertising agency;taught history, develoment and techniques of lettering at S.U.N.Y./Farmingdale for fifteen years and based upon his professional and academic achievements earned his Cooper Union B.F.A.(Bachelor of Fine Arts)degree in 1978, 25 years after his graduation.

US Army

Served from January 1, 1944 to January 1, 1946

Military Specialty





Good Conduct