June 24, 2019

Sivan 21, 5779


Murray Marcus


Sivan 2, 5756

January 29, 1920 to May 19, 1996

Murray Marcus, born in New York City on January 29, 1920; died on May 19, 1996. He was one of five (5) brothers, all of whom served their country during WW II: Four (4) in the Army and one in the Navy. All served overseas, both in the European and Pacific areas. The youngest, at 18, died at Normandy. My husband came from a family whose father and mother immigrated to the United States from Europe, married in the U.S. and gave their sons to this wonderful country. He was an exceptionally loving husband, father and grandfather. May his soul rest in peace.

Air Force

Served from January 9, 1943 to November 14, 1945

Post or Auxiliary


Military Specialty

Squadron A301 AAF