July 19, 2019

Tammuz 16, 5779


Jules Smith


Shevat 22, 5756

September 23, 1916 to February 11, 1996

Once a Marine always a Marine. This was Jules Smith. He joined the U.S. M Corp League in Tamariac, Fla. He became the commandant of the league, also he was on the color guard squad and a participated in all functions of the League. Also he was the oldest Marine in the League. This did not stop him form joining all the activities of the League. On his passing his league gave him a salute goodbye and if he knew anything about this, it would make him very happy and proud. He died as a Marine. Semper Fi.

Marine Corps

Served from December 1, 1943 to May 1, 1946

Highest JWV Position

County Commander

Post or Auxiliary