July 19, 2019

Tammuz 16, 5779


Sanford L. Kahn


Tammuz 20, 5704

April 5, 1925 to July 11, 1944

After hearing about Pearl Harbor, Sandy, a p-patriotic young boy, refused the deferment offered to him, left collage and joined the army during WWII. At 19, he killed by a sniper's bullet in St. Lo, France. He was brought back home in March of 1948. He lies these many years in Temple B'Nai Jeshurun's cemetery in Hillside, NJ. where he was a member (fourth generation) and a sea scout. He was an illustrator; his drawings taped to all of the walls in his bedroom. Sandy was wise beyond his years as well as being a caring, loving, considerate part of a very closely knit family network. His loss was beyond grief not only for his immediate family but also for all others. Mourned to this day by those still left to remember him. What would he have become? Perhaps world known, perhaps an ordinary nice person- perhaps, perhaps... never to be known. The JWV Post and Auxiliary 538 of Kearny and West Orange, NJ is named for him. Rest in Peace.