January 21, 2019

Shevat 15, 5779


Ramona Bamberger Stone


Tevet 11, 5766

October 5, 1927 to January 11, 2006

Ramona Bamberger Stone. Born Berlin Germany 5 Oct 1927. Only she and her sister from a family of six survived the war. Her parents and 3 siblings escaped to Yugoslavia with a group of 45 only to be caught by the Nazi’s and murdered. Hiding in the forests and peoples home she and her sister survived but her brother was caught and sent to Bergen Belsen. She met and married my father at the DP Camp Fohrenwald near Munich after the war where I was born. They immigrated in 1954 to Detroit, Michigan. Her life was dedicated to helping others especially animals. She had iron in her veins and would always fight for justice. Her proudest moment was when I joined the Marines. She taught me the importance of education, doing what is right, and helping others. Passed away 11 Jan 06/ 11 Tevet 5766.