November 28, 2021

Kislev 24, 5782


Hoover Rodney Goffin


Heshvan 16, 5769

June 2, 1917 to November 14, 2008

My dad, Hoover, made everyone feel loved. He was the oldest child of five (Hoover, Faith, Adrienne, Arlene, and Shirley) born to Dorothy (Rabinowitz) and Herman Goffin – a true house of love. When he married my Mom, her mom and dad (Jacob and Sarah Lenox) made him feel like a son, an act reciprocated on when her parents were old and needed help the grandmother moved into the family home and added so much to it. I have a sister, Wendy, who is brain injured and my Dad and Mother with other parents established the Adult Children with Learning Disabilities (ACLD) because there were no organizations around to help them. Now, it is a very large organization with many homes on Long Island helping many special need adults and their families. Sometimes there were conflicts in trying to please everyone, but my Dad was a man who was an incredible quiet example to follow, like having a human "training wheels" teacher/parent. He was a Who's Who in American College, a sax player and leader of a band, a good track runner and hurdler in college, a man who loved telling jokes especially mixed in with history or religion, a man who spoke French and prior to WWII taught in northern Maine where it was so rural they did not learn about Pearl Harbor until the day after. He was drafted and went in the service as a Private and came out a Captain using his French in Paris as part of the O.S.S. He was a high school world history teacher who worked all the time... summer jobs at Jones Beach, week-ends, and even after "retirement". He was a product of the Great Depression. My Dad worked in an abattoir (French for slaughterhouse) and was sick for 3 days, but stuck with it to help during The Depression. My Mother and Father were good savers, never spent more than what they had, and always made us feel rich. My Mother and Father's savings lasted until the day he died and he was a private pay patient. My Dad was never a burden, and somehow made each one of us feel good even when he was very old and tired. He had values and lived by them. My Dad was a private person, but not when it came to giving his love. My Dad was an extraordinary teacher even as I stumbled and made errors. For several years, my Sister and I would take a road trip from DC to NY to Massachusetts to Rhode Island and Maine and visit the cemeteries of people he remembered, loved, and honored. And, my sister and I were the recipients of wonderful and sometimes odd family history. My Mother died in his arms as Hospice did their very best. I was with my Dad as he took his last breath and as he helped to make this world a better place. Hoover is survived by sisters (and their spouses): Adrienne (Benjamin Apkin), Arlene Eisen, Shirley (Seymour Ladd), by children, Peter (Cindy), Bruce (Stacie) and grandchildren Jill, Brett, Sabra, and great grandchild Sydney, 8 nephews and 9 nieces and many students whom he taught. His love was and is always with us. -- Bruce Goffin, loving son.

U.S. Army

Served from August 1, 1942 to August 1, 1945