October 21, 2019

Tishri 22, 5780


Robert Michael Kaatz


Tishri 10, 5769

January 9, 1973 to October 8, 2008

Robert Michael Kaatz, a Patron member of Bell-Oak Post 648, was the son of Jason A. Kaatz and Petra C. Kaatz, both active JWV and JWVA members. He was born with Cerebral Palsy and Congenital Glaucoma. He rarely let this get him down. As a child, he climbed rocks with his cousins, rode a three wheel bike and raced around the neighborhood in his electric scooter with his little Yorkie, Muffy, in the basket. He went to stores and restaurants on his own, as well. Bobby, as he preferred to be known, hated discrimination and injustices and always stood up for the underdog. He encouraged his friends to speak up for themselves as he always spoke up for himself, even when it got him into trouble. Bobby had a terrific sense of humor and a strong drive for independence. He kept this sense of humor and drive for independence even when his glaucoma progressed to where he could only see light and shadow and a stroke left him wheelchair bound. He loved music of all kinds, burned CD's for friends and family and enjoyed his practice radio station WRMK that he "broadcast" to neighbors using wireless speakers. His telephone was his "lifeline" to relatives and friends and he did not spare its use. Bobby succumbed to a massive heart attack following a brief bout with pancreatitis and pneumonia. He is survived by his parents, his Aunt Florence, and numerous cousins. He loved them all and they loved him. He will be sorely missed.