June 29, 2022

Sivan 30, 5782


Leonard Eagle


Sivan 13, 5735

February 12, 1920 to May 22, 1975

Leonard was the only son of Jacob and Celia both of whom emigrated from Eastern Europe. His father died when he was thirteen and his mother when he was sixteen. Lenny joined the Army Air Force shortly before Pearl Harbor. He served four years in China and Burma, where he survived several bouts of Malaria. After the war, Lenny married and took a job with the Postal Service in New York City. His passion for social justice led him to become active in organizing the Postal Workers Union as well as fighting discrimination against Minority employees. Although he was divorced from his first wife, Roslyn, he remained a dedicated father to his two children, Jeffrey and Celia. Lenny was living with his second wife Sylvia in Queens, NY when he became the victim of an unfortunate automobile accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. He resided at the Bronx Veteran's Administration Hospital until his death in 1975 His funeral was attended by scores of postal workers who comforted the family. Lenny had four grandchildren: Joshua, Rachel, Adom, and Ron. He is remembered and missed by his family.

Army- Flying Tigers

Served from January 1, 1942 to January 1, 1946

Military Specialty

23rd Fighter Control Squadron


Staff Sergeant


Good Conduct Medal